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johnson wilson and the case of the broken baby is a short photo-story in six parts, written and staged by pamela klaffke and her daughter, emma.

©pamela klaffke, all rights reserved


johnson wilson is eight, she is a private investigator. her arch-enemy is the trickster. she goes to discos. she has a dog called trent. she drinks white wine. she has no parents.


I didn’t sleep at all. Since shifty has an after-hours disco in his garage, trent and I went back to his place after the real disco closed. I felt a little bit bad because I tried out one of the baby’s arms on the turntables when I was spinning for a set, but trent and shifty said she probably wouldn’t mind and they knew her better than I did. they had grown up in houses with babies, so they were used to babies and their weird noises and yucky smells. Shifty told me once that I was a baby and trent said he even saw me when I was a baby and I was crying and pooing my diaper, but I didn’t believe either of them. They said those things when I was still friends with the trickster so he probably made up that story about me being a baby and told trent and shifty to tell me to trick me.

I kept investigating at the disco and at shifty’s. someone said they saw the trickster at the 7-Eleven buying chocolate milk which could be true. I’d bet the baby would cry and cry if she didn’t have something to drink in her bottle. Someone else said they saw the trickster returning some videos. I talked to everyone and investigated them, but didn’t get any firm leads — until I got home.

It was already morning and I was starving and almost dead so I went to the kitchen to have something to eat. I grabbed a brand new box of cereal and some milk and I didn’t notice for a minute, but the trickster had replaced my cereal with his special trickster cereal, laff-o-pops. And the prize that fell into my bowl was the baby’s right leg, not the toy camera that was supposed to be the prize in my regular cereal. This made me madder than before because I needed that camera for future investigations.

I didn’t want to eat the baby’s leg – or the trickster’s cereal because it could have poison — so I ate some gummies and some mini ravioli. I was really tired, but I didn’t want to have a nap. naps are for babies and I might miss something like the clue that could solve the whole case. I thought that maybe I should see what was going on at the playground, but my tummy felt sick and I had to lie down before I could do anything more for the broken baby.