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secret society of analogue art (ssaa)
write. shoot. think. make art. the secret society of analogue art encourages the creative fusion of analogue and digital communication and media by offering an ongoing series of participatory art challenges.

dollar store doll polaroid makeover challenge
pity the poor dollar store doll, made of inferior plastic, dressed in shoddy clothes, taunted by little girls everywhere with jeers of "fake!" "phony!" and "you're not Barbie®!" it's no wonder her self-esteem has suffered. but in early 2008, 100 people from toronto to texas to london, took one of these sad, lonely dolls under their stylish wings and treated her to a much-needed makeover and shared her personal story. the results of the makeovers will be unveiled in summer 2008, proving definitively that there is a rewarding and fashionable life beyond the dollar store.

creepywonderful gallery of the analogue
that photograph you took. is it creepily wonderful or wonderfully creepy? it's not quite cute, and it's not horror-show frightening. it may be at once disturbing and child-like. the film it's shot on may be expired or imperfect. it's likely surreal and fantastical. it's an ineffable aesthetic. but you know it when you see it.

creepywonderful gallery of the analogue is an online gallery and year-long project dedicated to the collection, exhibition, exchange and promotion of creepily wonderful and wonderfully creepy images.

email contact@pamelaklaffke.com for more information about the ssaa and its projects.