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The Mod Girls

It’s 1984 and 18-year-old Penny and her best friend, Jen, are trying to make a go of it in the DIY fashion business, designing and making clothes using sixties mod sewing patterns and vintage fabrics.

Consummate Anglophiles who are sincerely devoted to their mutual obsession with retro style and culture, the girls quickly become local celebrities in their small city, thanks to their distinctive look and active nightlife. They seem poised for success, but when unexpected differences arise, Penny starts to question the future of their friendship, her own future and identity — and whether she was in fact born in the wrong decade.

Unabashedly nostalgic, The Mod Girls speeds through Penny’s changing world as she encounters cute British boys, smarmy landlords, dirty hippies and a super-chic friend, Leah, who wears only white sleeveless go-go dresses, all the while peppering her observations with humour and plenty of vintage style.

rights inquiries: contact carolyn swayze or kris rothstein at reception@swayzeagency.com.

*mod girls mock-cover designed by travis reynolds

©pamela klaffke, all rights reserved